BioReference Laboratories

As one of the largest full-service clinical reference laboratories in the U.S., servicing approximately 11 million patients annually, BioReference Laboratories (BioReference) is a top-tier diagnostics company embedded in our world-class healthcare organization. Founded by physicians for patients, BioReference continues to provide the attention to personal needs they have been known for since 1981 while providing groundbreaking new diagnostic tools such as the 4Kscore® test.

Laboratory Diagnostics

The diversified brands at BioReference Laboratories have been designed to address the unique needs of healthcare providers in specialty markets, including oncology, urology, women’s health, maternal-fetal medicine, and genetics. Brands include:

GenPath Oncology

GenPath Oncology provides expertise in cancer diagnostics and offer a comprehensive cancer patient workup from one laboratory. From routine clinical and special coagulation testing to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing and hereditary cancer syndromes, GenPath offers oncologists a variety of diagnostic solutions.

GenPath Women’s Health

Tests for OB-GYN and women’s health providers. As one of the premier specialty labs in the country, GenPath provides innovative technology for sexually transmitted and other vaginal infections, pan-ethnic carrier testing, hereditary cancer testing, and maternal risk assessment and prenatal diagnosis.

Diagnostic Tools

The 4Kscore®

The 4KScore® Test is an in vitro assay panel that combines blood levels of four prostate specific antigens (free, total, human kallikrein2 (hK2), and intact PSA) in a proprietary algorithm that accounts for a patient’s age, previous biopsy results, and, optionally, a digital rectal exam (DRE). The 4KScore® Test is used by health care professionals to help decide whether a prostate biopsy is necessary in men who are found to have abnormal PSA or DRE. The 4KScore® Test serves to predict a patient’s risk probability for finding aggressive (Gleason score 7 or higher) prostate cancer upon biopsy. The 4Kscore® Test can be used prior to biopsy, or after a negative biopsy, and can predict the likelihood of metastasis the next 15-20 years