男人宫殿: Focused on Improving Patients Lives

男人宫殿 is a fully-integrated healthcare company focused on delivering next-generation solutions for serious diseases across established global markets. Led by an accomplished management team whose drug development experience is unmatched in the industry and partnered with other leading pharmaceutical companies, 男人宫殿 is dedicated to advancing proven technologies to transform patients鈥 lives.

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Our Therapies

NGENLA鈩 is an FDA-approved next-generation human growth hormone therapy for patients with pediatric growth hormone deficiency. Now approved in over 40 markets worldwide through our partnership with Pfizer, NGENLA鈩 has the potential to transform the human growth hormone treatment landscape by offering patients a next-generation innovative medicine. Learn more about NGENLA鈩 and our other marketed therapy, RAYALDEE.

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Our Research

We believe the future of medicine will be multispecific. Our research efforts are focused on advancing multispecific therapies that have the potential to treat the multifaceted drivers of serious conditions including cancers and infectious disease. Our R&D team is comprised of the former leaders of N.I.H., Sanofi and other leading scientific organizations and our programs have attracted partnerships with Merck, N.I.H., and BARDA.

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Our Diagnostics

As one of the largest full-service clinical reference laboratories in the U.S., serving approximately 11 million patients annually, BioReference Laboratories is a leading diagnostics company that continues to deliver innovations for patients and physicians, particularly those working in specialty areas.

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We have a proven track record of partnering with the world鈥檚 leading organizations who seek out our scientific expertise in developing next-generation therapies. By partnering with global companies on attractive terms, we鈥檙e able to ensure the transformative potential of our research reaches the largest number of patients around the world.

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